Monthly Archives: July 2005

no longer a student

So, that was it then! On Tuesday I got all dressed up and went to get my hand shacked and be congratulated by the Vice chancellor of Swansea University for graduating and it felt fab. I then got to laze about with my mates for a few days chatting away, all good fun and laughs. London has calmed down as well after 7/7 as it’s now called although clearly the troubles this week did not help the process of moving on. Now I will just say a big thank you to my friends in Swansea for the last few years and sign off

In London again

I have just spent a crazy ten days. My normal disorganisation was very prominent (ooophs!) but my wonderful family saved my bacon. I sampled the delights, hitherto unknown to me, of communicating in sign langauge. I feel that for someone with english as a first language it is important to experience this to realise that not everybody has to speak english becuase it is possible to communicate with a little amount of language and a lot of human sympathy and to realise how frustrating it is when you want to talk to someone but cannot. The cities were charming and full of history. The most remarkable thing had to be the way that everybody without exception was full of sympathy for the victims of the terrorist attacks in London last week. As I got off the train at Liverpool Street and walked past the walled off area where the police were investigating the attacks, got on a tube to find the line I wanted was closed I tried to bare in mind how insistent people are around the world that such things won’t happen again

Checkpoint Charlie

I was there at Checkpoint Charlie drinking a coffee, thinking how brilliant it is that there are no longer any american or russian troops with guns pointed at where I am sitting facing each other off. I was thinking that the world had moved beyond such things. Then I get a text after if I am alright after the bomb attack. What bomb? where and how had it happened? I tried asking the german waitress what is going on, but fail dismally to communicate over the language barrier. Has to be one of the more surreal moments of my life. I got another text, my home citys has been bombed, but my family is fine. In a state of shock I went to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. This museum is largely dedicated to peaceful means advocated by Ghandi and Luther that the East Berliners used to bring down the Berlin Wall. I can only pray that their message of peace comes alive again. My prayers are with the families of the fifty people who died and all those trying to stop such events happening again in whatever capacity