Monthly Archives: August 2005


Hello Hello
I have just been to Greenbelt and bopped along to the Proclaimers, it was really nice to learn of another band that I like because apart from the classic ‘I would walk 500 miles’ I didn’t know much about them. There was also a fabulous ceillidh where I danced for hours and hours and hours. The talks were cool to, there was a talk on how to become a journalist where people told us about that industry, which is one I am interested in . All in all there was a great community spirit there and everyone got along fabulously.


O.k., so I am known for being something of a Sex and the City addict. My Mum has reccently bought the first ever season of it and it is fantastic. The whole series is glamerous, from the shots of New York at the beginning, to the restaurants the girls use and Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik shoes (no, I hadn’t heard of that designer b4 I watched the show!). The characters are open about their feeings, complicated sassy and intelligent. Samantha is hysterical. Anyway, it is a favorite of mine so I fully recommend it to you all!

Around Carcassone

I have just been to see some stunning towns around the South of France. There was a stunning town with riverside houses vaguely reminiscent of Venice and then you would go to the next town and there would be tudor style houses, very odd but beautiful. There was also a very ancient Cistercian abbey that I visited with a free piano concert in the middle of it, amasing!!!!