Monthly Archives: September 2005

Two dinners

On Sunday some of my cousins came around for a roast while my parents had some friends for dinner last night. Both were excellent occasions, where everybody seemed to get on and enjoy themselves. Did you know that people did fun runs in their underwear? Did you know that in China there is a word that you have to put in front of a teacher’s name to show that you respect them? Did you also know that lamb baked in wine and balsamic vinegar taste suprisingly good? The things you learn over dinner. Final boring anecdote, there are lots of men soliciting other men in the bushes along Brighton beach!

A wedding

I went to a gorgeous wedding last weekend, the couple were so obviously in love and yet the bridegroom’s speech simply seemed genuine and romantic rather than over the top. Weddings are things that you either love or hate, it seems to me, and I always like them. They affirm that two people can work together as one and that has to be worth celebrating. When you have known the two people really quite well for four years it is even better. It was also great to see lots of people that I had not seen for months and in some cases years and get to chat away to them, as for the sea views from the reception, they were spectacular.