Monthly Archives: October 2005


Thank you all for your kind comments on my last blog, they were very much appreciated. You will all be glad to know that I have been offered a job as a travel agent which should be good. I will even get discounted travel, yay. I have just spent the weekend in Swansea and seen some wonderful friends. It is so refreshing just to be around people who you have shared a lot with and know well. There is nothing like it to cheer you up

Job Hunting

I have been job hunting fairly seriously for about a month now and still have no idea what I am looking for from a job. This means every job application I take is a bit like taking a big step into the dark. However, I am beginning to get interviews and acceptances which can only be a good thing. I may even get on one of the HUGELY HUGELY competitive graduate schemes, wonders never cease you know. Maybe one day soon the boredom of sitting at home applying for jobs will be over, then I can start complaining that I want to be on holiday!!!!! I am just trusting that God somehow has a plan for me and knows what I should and should not do next and when it should all happen.