Monthly Archives: December 2005


I always like Christmas, it is a good time to catch up with your family and to eat a meal together. It always seems to me like the perfect way to remember the fact that God sent his son to earth for us. Of course, there can be arguments and people eat too much but basically it is a good time to get together and be friendly. And over this Christmas season I won’t forget to raise my glass to the internet community of people who read this blog and hope they all have a very Merry Christmas

An update

Well, training to be a travel agent is progressing steadily. I have managed to book people into a hotel three months before they wanted to go, but thankfully they weren’t real people so it didn’t matter too much! We have taken to calling our german workmate lemuel instead of Emmanuel ( I think its a case of you had to be there!) My workmates are also busy introducing me to the delights of smoking shisha or hubba bubba pipes and eating Middle Eastern food. There are so many combinations of stuffed vegetables and nuts in honey yet to be discovered YAY! I might pass on the hubba bubba pipe in future though, it is a bit harsh on the back of the throat.