Monthly Archives: February 2006

Liberal Democrats

I decided to join the Liberal Democrats because I think them slightly more sensible than anyone else, want to be involved in the politics of this country and thought it could be fun. The first time I went to visit them there did not seem to be anyone who was that exciting to know. Last Wednesday I went to the pary to start off the Hammersmith and Fulham campaign for the local elections in May. The people seemed to take an interest in me and they all seemed nice and friendly. We even had a full on debate about how to improve transport. It was a suprisingly good event. Now I’ve been asked if I want to become a potential councillor. There is apparently 1 per cent chance of me being elected but it would give liberal democrat voters a chance to have their say on the ballot paper. Could be exciting but am I really prepared for the 1% risk I would actually be elected???? It would mean long meetings about the local area in the evenings. Should I do it??