Monthly Archives: May 2006

Election Day

Well, I stayed up to 3.15am watching the votes in the Hammersmith and Fulham local elections being counted. It is a fascinating process. First of all they count all the ballot papers and check that they there is no discrepancy between the number of people who were ticked off during the day at the polling station and the number of ballot papers that they have. Then they count the papers where all three votes were given to one party. After that they have to count the papers where the three votes were split between the parties in a laborious process that involves going one for her and one for him on a large A3 piece of paper. However, the best thing about it was observing the way that everyone seemed to adhere to party stereotypes. The BNP, Christian Alliance, Tories and Labor were all represented there and behaved as you would expect them to. Labor was conspicous by the fact that few of them turned up and the Conservatives were there in large numbers clearly enjoying the fact that they had won the council for the first time in 30 years.