Monthly Archives: August 2006

The Church

Last night I went out for some drinks with people from the rather large church I am currently attending. It took me a while to summon up the courage to go to a small group and get to know people at this church. However, I finally did and have been richly rewarded. I have been made to feel very welcome and I’ve got to know a whole heap of new people. When I go to church now I can look around and recognise a few people and have a chat with them. This is how church should be and it has really refreshed me to find that fellow Christians are warm hearted. I daresay I’ll find faults with my small group as I get more involved but I know that I will always be welcome there.
By the way, I didn’t get the job I applied for which was probably just as well but am still seeking a job I actually think I want to do and will allow me to move out of my parents place! Lets just pray I’ll find something.