Monthly Archives: September 2006

Yay for weekends away!

I had a fantastic time at Greenbelt catching up with people I had not seen in a while and generally relaxing. I believe the high points have already been well documented on this website! Then I got to go to Madrid the weekend after, yipheeeeeeeee!
Madrid is a fantastic place where it is still 35 degrees in September, they have nice lagers, delicious bar snacks and everyone parties until 5 am. Of course, the art galleries ain’t bad either! My Spanish friend is currently going out with a lad from the Carribean. Said lad claims that everyone knows everyone where he comes from and therefore people tend not to cheat to on each other. My experience of travelling suggests that being unfaithful occurs everywhere between all people. A holiday I had in Cuba suggests to me that people in the Carribean are no different. Therefore, this intrigued me. Maybe I will visit his kneck of the woods one day and see if what he says is right!

And a fact I bet you didn’t know, Spain won the Basketballl World Cup. Good for them hey!