Monthly Archives: October 2006

Is Sex and the City good or bad for you?

I am just slightly obsessed by a certain programme called Sex and the City and intend to own all the series on DVD one day. However, as a Christian, I can’t help wondering about the message it is trying to give out. According to Carrie Bradshaw life is all about good shoes, sex and clothes generally in that order. It is unashamedly materialistic. Whatsmore, the four protagonists are largely self-obsessed and talk endlessly about themselves. They seem to have little time for their families. So, I wondered, what was it that I liked about it? Of course, I like escaping to upper crust New York and pretending to have the wardrobe and the appartment occasionally. I also find the way the programme explores female sexuality refreshing. However, more than anything else I love the fact that the four protagonists are such good friends. They are always there for each other with an amusing story to lift each others’ spirits or with time to listen to any problems their friend has. They seem to do everything together and love each other just as Jesus tuaght us to. I hope that I manage to be a good friend too even if my way will never be the same as that of rich thirty something New Yorkers! I am glad to say I know some people who are amasingly good friends too. Therefore, while Sex and the City should be digested in moderation so you don’t believe life is like it appears there, it is not without a good message either