Monthly Archives: December 2006


I have had an excellent Christmas. My parents decided to go and spend Christmas with my uncle in Australia so I was very worried that this Christmas I would feel very lonely and left out. However my cousin said my aunt would look after us and sure enough she looked after us royally. We did have to sleep on the floor but on comfy mattresses, the food was superb and the wine ever flowing. Many rounds of trivial pursuit were played. It just went to show that even my extended family is full of Christian love which is fabulous. I now have a few days at home at home to try and sort myself out and with a lot of help from my sister and my mum I have two rooms to move into, one is o.k. with nice people and is fifteen mins walk max from my office and my parents while the other is I think very nice ( I will see it tommorrow ) with lovely Christian people and is just under an hour from my office and my parents by tube. Decisions decisions. I am also still looking for a job, so a lot to pray about for the new year. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year.


I also knew Mike and am somewhat at a loss about what to say. It all makes me think that some of the best people die young. He may not have been perfect but he was very wise. There are so many times when I kick myself because I haven’t been ethical or helpful, but he simply was ethical and helpful. I hope the work he started with Tong Len flourishes for his sake.

May he rest in peace.