Monthly Archives: January 2007


The first milestone that happened was Mike’s funeral which was sad but beautiful. The fact that he will be missed was noted and importantly the fact that he crammed a good life into twenty three years was celebrated. It was surreal seeing a Swanseaite on the BBC website with tears in her eyes but it felt right that the funeral of such a great man should recieve public attention.

The second milestone that has happened is that I have moved out, yiphee! I lived away from home for four and a half years and then moved back home for a year and a half. Having been used to my independence it was hard to live my parents amasing though they are. I haven’t moved far from them but now have a space I can call my own and some people my own age to chat to in the evenings. I didn’t know the people I am living with two weeks ago but am getting to know them fast and they seem groovy. I will struggle to be able to afford it but should just about manage. Getting independent has made me realise how much I prefer being an adult to a child or teenager. Therefore, I was horrified to discover that a family of a child who is basically in a vegative state have put their child through serious operations and on strong drugs that can be mood altering in order to stop her growing up. Who knows how much the child picks up of what is going on around her? She might be really angry at what has happened to her. I would hate that to happen to me.

The third milestone that happened is that my cat has been put down. He was 15, a good enough age for a cat. He was always curled up on my bed or the sofa. He had a heart condition for about the last two years so was unhappy and constantly yowled so we knew he was unhappy and it was time for him to go to cat heaven in the sky, but he will be missed.

Finally, it seems to have passed with very little mention that the US has bombed yet another country, Somalia. Despite that fact that we live in the 21st century there seems to be no let up in the violence we will unleash on each other.