Daily Archives: March 19, 2007

The power of money

I have just made a few large sales at work, including a big tour of Europe and the Middle East to a New Zealand couple. A few months ago I was given a talking to for not selling enough holidays and now everyone is congratulating me for selling a lot. It has got me thinking about the power of money as I have always thought that as a Christian money should not be important. I feel good because I am being praised, I feel a lot more motivated to do my job well ( the fact that my reccent sales shows I can helps but it is also because I am being encouraged ) and less inclined to job hunt which I was dead set on doing a week ago. The fact that I will recieve a bonus personally is even more motivating than the praise. Yet why is this? The job is still pretty boring, all that has changed is that I have got a bit of extra money for the company and myself. I have always worked hard to organise other peoples holidays and it just so happens those holidays weren’t so lucrative but more to the point my outlook should not be so easily influenced by money. Human beings are funny creatures.