Monthly Archives: August 2007

Becoming a teacher.

I have now been blogging for two years, can you believe it! They have flown by. A lot of that was due to the fact that I was working with some very nice people. However, I did get bored at the job, it would have been a few more years of boredom before I got prommotted and one should always move forewards. Therefore, I am doing a post-compulsory PGCE in September as I told many of you at Greenbelt. I have always loved History and hope that I might manage to enthuse a few of my students too. Essay writting skills and analysing words and pictures are always useful skills too so It probably means a few more years in London which is a shame but we will see what happens. As I won’t be working shifts I should be able to see my friends more than I could previously which will be great.


Things are maybe changing in my life but I’ll post em when they actually happen. For now I would just like to say that I am loving living in Ealing with great people and I am getting more and more involved in my church and getting to love the people there. I am now officially happy clappy which I never expected to be but can no longer really deny! It is all keeping me busy which can only good