Monthly Archives: September 2007

First 2 weeks gone

Hey there
I am now two weeks into my teacher training and it is fascinating. The class on teenagers self-esteem really made you think. I’ve already had to do some group work which was difficult but is over now. I think that I will make some friends as the year progesses but it is always hard to get on with people at the beginning.

On another note, congratulations to my cousin T and Sam on getting married. They had a stunner of a wedding. All the readings were really well chosen, showing that you will grow old and have difficult times but your love for each other will see each other through. Some of my cousins, my sister and I ended up clubbing in Bognor Regis after the wedding and everyone there was having such fun in the club that it made the perfect end to the night. I wasn’t feeling so great the next day though …. ooops!

New Start

I don’t suppose I’ll ever know exactly how to balance pre-destination and free will but I feel at the moment that God is definitely saying that I have to put the hard work in now, knuckle down and do something, which I sure hope is my course. Scary!

Two of my housemates have left in the last month and they are both going to be sadly missed. I might only have lived with them for 8 months and I have been very busy during that time but the nature of sharing a house means we know each other well. I am always sad when the houseshare I am in changes. The two girls who have moved in are lovely too, so I’m sure it won’t be long before I am happy again.

One must always move forward.