Monthly Archives: October 2007

A good lesson to learn in

I am spending much of my time trying to work out what makes a good lesson. On Tuesday I observed a sociology lesson. I have never studied sociology before and was just seeing how the class went. It was largely about terms that you have to use in sociology and different types of research that sociologists use so might not have been interesting to me. However, the teacher used loads of examples from the life of her students. She pointed out that I was doing a type of research which was a nice way of including me. What was best is that she entertained us all by talking about her own life and saying what type of research her students would be doing into her life if they asked her questions. She saw that the class was tired near the end of the lesson because they had all found it difficult to get into college that morning due to transport problems and she gave less content but showed how sociology related to them. It was inspiring because her interest in the students showed a love for them and that helped the students develop. I really hope that I can do the same thing.