Monthly Archives: December 2007

My heating is fixed

The fourth plumber who came to our house was finally able to fix the boiler. We were without heating or hot water for two days less than a month but that doesn’t seem so important now. Our landlord did finally do his bit by shouting at British Gas and taking a day off work to supervise various plumbers. I think he redeemed himself but a few housemates think we should pay less rent. I hope that it doesn’t end up in a big argument between us and our landlord, we’ll see what happens. However, it has made me think again about how difficult it must be to be homeless. It went below 0 at night twice last week in London. At this time of year when we remember that Jesus came as an outsider we must do all we can for those who are still outsiders.

I’ve a warm home…….

My boiler broke two weeks ago, yes two weeks ago. However, my housemates and I have all pulled together to help each other. My landlord lent us a heater and my housemate’s parents lent us another one. We’ve had to talk to each other a whole lot more which is always a good thing. All kinds of friends have let us have a shower at their house and my parents have had us all around for showers and so we could be in a warm house on Sunday – which meant loads of yummy food and great conversation. The two tv programmes I have enjoyed reccently have been all about communities pulling together. One was ‘brothers and sisters’ which has a family that fights and has secrets but somehow stays together through it all, largely through occassionaly sitting down and eating together. The other is Cranford which is about a village of mostly single women who again battle through adversity and support each other through it all. And it is good to realise that I have my own community that is strong