Monthly Archives: March 2008

Busy times

I set myself a challenge to use this site less over lent. Now lent has finished I’ve already spent hourse reading what people have been saying, oophs! I am struggling to pass my course and it feels like a lot of pressure. The most frustrating thing is that I am getting a lot better at teaching, it is just whether I’ll improve fast enough to pass. Moreover, I have a whole heap of paperwork to do to prove that I’m good enough to pass!

On a brighter note Legally Blonde’s wedding and my father 60th birthday were great fun. B climbing into groom’s arms during the vows made a great photo and the little buckets and bit of leather we were given will always be treasured. My dad decided his friends and family should go to Scotland for his birthday/easter and we all had an brill time playing in the snow. I definitely recommend it. Hope you’re all well