Cat fights are over

When you are studying history you have to develop a sense of detachment and an appreciation of the rediculous or you will go insane with the brutality of it all. One of the easier bits of history to laugh at is the cat fight between the good cousins Elizabeth I of England and Mary, Queen of Scots. These two ladies never met, but were linked by blood, by being among the earliest female European leaders and ruling country’s within a few days horseride of each other. Instead of supporting each other in sisterly love they spent their reigns manipulating each other to marry someone who shared their political ideas. Elizabeth I resisted marrying a Catholic despite Mary, Queen of Scots pleading but Mary ended up marrying an English noble, just not one in Elizabeth I’s top ten of people for Mary to marry! However, Mary had the last laugh as her son inherited both thrones, which meant many people at the time considered her the winner even though Mary ending her days in an English prison. One of my favorite ‘what ifs’ of history (these are pointless, but as long as never passed off as the truth, fun) is what if the rumors of Elizabeth visiting Mary in prison are true, what would they have said to each other?

At school, like most people, I felt like a bit of a misfit. I also had a cat that was always getting into cat fights. Over the last few weeks I have bumped into all sorts of people, some from school. A few friends from outside london have come to visit me and some are about to arrive. I miss my cat, but am glad he no longer has to fight for a patch of London to call his own. I feel like I have moved on a step from where I was ten years ago and the cat fights are over for now. It is a good feeling.

The news seems to be full of people getting into new cat fights, however, over money. Iceland vs Uk seems to be the toughest one so far. I am working in the charity sector which one would think was relatively unaffected by all this, however, NGOs do not keep the donations they receive lying around in the office. Every institution holding funds for charities has been affected by the current crisis and charities will have less to give out in the short to medium term as a result. Lets hope a new spirit of co-operation, sharing and wisdom about financial matters grows out of these current cat fights.