Monthly Archives: November 2008


o.k, I felt like creating a ‘random things I have experienced’ post

1.  Met a wildlife photogropher in Tabasco, Mexico

2.  Had a purse stolen on a beach

3.  Received presents from home while abroad

4.  Been in two coaches that broke down in one week.

5.  Enjoyed her Granny’s butterscotch ice cream

6.  Cried when Princess Di died

7.  Made a Pisco Sour

8.  Had ear infections

9.  Had a cream tea with friends in Verdi’s

10.  Read lots on Elizabeth 1

11.  Swam in a lake in France

12.  Kissed in the back of a car while the driver was being stoped by police

13.  Been a cadidate in local elections

14.  Been ice skating with her mother

15.  Managed to always lose at bowling and scrabble!

16.  Had her younger sister read her a fairytale

17. Had her father read her ‘The Hobbit’

18.  Spoken Spanish in Russia

19.  Been baptised twice

20.  Been sacked for being hopeless at using a photocopier


Wiblog is bright and new, Obama has swept a wave of change accross America and something may be changing in my community too.

There used to be a nursing home around the corner from where I lived. It was in the middle of a city which was too expensive for the residents and probably not the nicest building for them to live in. However, there was some protest when it was closed five years ago as many people had called it their home and some felt that it was generally disrepectful to the elderly to shut it down.

My GP has been serving me well in fairly cramped conditions for 12 years now. There is no disabled access, it is hard for mum’s with pushchairs to get in, and he has been unable to conduct blood tests on site as he would wish because of the building he is in. He has now managed to find funding to renovate the nursing home into a super duper surgery which should help the people of the area, even if not (arguably) to the same extent as a nursing home.

At the consultation about the project everyone was imnensly supportive of it, except one lady who loudly and at some length said it would just cause parking problems. This is despite the fact that a) it is pretty impossible to park near me anyway, and b) it is a local surgery that is moving three minutes down the road, so everyone will continue to do what they always have done, and walk to it. You will be pleased to hear that I resisted asking her to sell her car.

However, I was glad that we were both able to have our say about the proposal, and we will have to wait and see what the council decides to do. Communities are strange things.