o.k, I felt like creating a ‘random things I have experienced’ post

1.  Met a wildlife photogropher in Tabasco, Mexico

2.  Had a purse stolen on a beach

3.  Received presents from home while abroad

4.  Been in two coaches that broke down in one week.

5.  Enjoyed her Granny’s butterscotch ice cream

6.  Cried when Princess Di died

7.  Made a Pisco Sour

8.  Had ear infections

9.  Had a cream tea with friends in Verdi’s

10.  Read lots on Elizabeth 1

11.  Swam in a lake in France

12.  Kissed in the back of a car while the driver was being stoped by police

13.  Been a cadidate in local elections

14.  Been ice skating with her mother

15.  Managed to always lose at bowling and scrabble!

16.  Had her younger sister read her a fairytale

17. Had her father read her ‘The Hobbit’

18.  Spoken Spanish in Russia

19.  Been baptised twice

20.  Been sacked for being hopeless at using a photocopier

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